it’s at least a couple of yards to the other desk so clearly we need a remote access solution …

(original intent was to leave the Pi plugged into the USB of something and let it work away without kb/mouse/monitor but having found out that Minecraft won’t work on VNC, don’t think Daughter will allow that …)

Quick Google and looks like we’re after tightvncserver. So all installed then headed a couple of yards (!) back to the Mac to look for a solution. Interesting page from @DavidTheExpert showing how the Mac has Screen Sharing built in. Gave it a go. Didn’t go as planned (plus you can’t copy/paste) so reached for the ol’ standby, VNC. While we were about it, went for VNC on the Pi, also.

Now, the copy/paste doesn’t seem to work at the moment and it would be cool to get the Mac stuff working. That’s another day’s problem to sort …


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