getting the Raspberry Pi up and running as a server

Over the weekend, we got the Pi up and running as a server. Incredible how much you can throw at this little £25 card. To start with we wanted to replace the 8Gb SD that came with the Maplin kit in case we made an unrecoverable mistake. Got a great 32Gb SD from Amazon and grabbed Snappy Ubuntu and the Debian-based Raspbian.

Now what ? Got an image, got an SD card. As a pair of Noobs we have no idea whatsoever. As always, Google was our friend but not a huge amount of luck with the various options suggested for a Mac. In the end came across the ApplePi-Baker – splendid stuff and highly recommended.

Got Snappy on the card but no joy. Faced with this initially perplexing display:

… bit of troubleshooting indicated that kernel.img wasn’t booting. Advice is to replace with “known good copy” so decided to re-build the SD card to Raspbian using the ApplePi-Baker.

Now we’re in business !


(originally March 29, 2015)


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